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Open Gym

During Open Gym, experienced members can come in and make up a missed WOD or work on a GOAT. What's a GOAT? CF lingo for something you're not so good at - barbell movement, gymnastics movement, body weight movement, kettlebell movement, or simply flexibility and/or mobility. Come down, grab a coach and make progress.



This restorative class is a perfect complement to your training, as a recovery session Mats, blocks, and bolsters will be provided.

17.5 OPEN WORKOUT $25 per classFrom $1 per visit with $7 For 7 visits passNo purchase required to enroll

Get Started

CrossFit Trial

The CrossFIt Trial class is open to anyone that has an introductory pass with CrossFit Queens. With the focused attention of two coaches you will get a great work out and the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Daily Workouts


FlexFit is a functional fitness class with high energy and loads of fun!


This is your "classic" CrossFit group class. Nothing is off limits here, the programming will offer strength, gymnastics & conditioning.